Manufactured Home Insurance

Manufactured home insurance is similar to regular home insurance. In general, manufactured home insurance policies provide two kinds of coverage. The first is coverage for your home and personal property such as clothes, appliances other personal possessions against perils such as fire, lightning, wind or hail damage. The second is liability coverage against lawsuits that may be filed by people who are accidentally hurt by your actions or activities.

Such claims may include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and even property damage. Liability coverage also includes a provision to help pay for your defense in the event of a lawsuit is also available. However, liability coverage does not provide cover for injuries to you or the members of your family. Some companies also provide coverage against theft, smoke, water damages from rain, damages from trees, falling objects, freezing of plumbing systems, weight of ice on the roof, chipped sink, building glass breakage and vandalism, riots and even explosions.

The amount and degree of coverage your manufactured home needs can vary; it’s very important to discuss this with our agents to adequately cover your manufactured home. Let us help you ensure that whatever mobile home insurance policy you opt for provides adequate liability coverage to protect you.

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